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Box Tops for Education
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Thursday, November 16, 2017
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Due December 1st

HELP us earn money for our school by collecting and sending in General Mills' Box Tops for Education.  


Rules for Collecting BoxTops for Educations for 2017-18

1.       You will be provided with a collection sheet each month. 

2.       You must turn in a BoxTops collection sheet to count for the contest OR you must turn in a baggie/envelope labeled with your child’s name, teacher’s name and the total # of BoxTops written on the outside.  NO MORE THAN 50 BOXTOPS PER BAGGIE OR ENVELOPE. NO NUMBER ON BAGGIE MEANS THEY WILL NOT COUNT FOR THAT MONTH'S CONTEST. 

3.       Do NOT place “bonus” Boxtops on the collection sheet!!!  Any “bonus” certificate placed on a collection sheet will NOT count. 

4.       Do NOT mix “bonus” certificates and regular BoxTops in the baggie/envelope either. 

5.       Place ALL “bonus” certificates in a baggie/envelope separately.  THANKS for understanding this!!!

6.       ALL BoxTops are due once per month.  Look for each month’s flyer in your child’s Tuesday folder. 

7.       If you need additional BoxTops collection sheets, please send me an email @ with your child’s name and teacher’s name or you may pick one up in the PTO room. 

8.       Parents with more than one child will need to collect for each child.  NO SHARING OF BOXTOPS!

10.   Rewards will be given to each child and class, approximately 1 week after the monthly contest has ended.

Collect BoxTops and place them in a baggie with the number of boxtops marked on the outside and the child's name (we can't accept the baggie if the number is not there).  Thanks for the help with this.  At the end of each month, we will award prizes to the top two students AND class with the most BoxTops.  

All funds generated from Box Tops are deposited into the PTO account and placed back into our school.  

Box Tops are found on many everyday items from General Mills, Juicy Juice, Hefty, Betty Crocker, and more.  

Go to for a list of more products and other ways to earn "cash" for our school.   



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